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LS5443: Classroom-Library Collaboration and Coteaching Testimonials for Case Study Assignment (A.1.4)
Most of these videos are unlisted on YouTube. Please do not download or distribute these videos. Thank you.

BEFORE you read the information on this page and view the videos, please read R.1.3. - McGregor Article: "Collaboration and Leadership."

A Word about the Filming: I asked a question and recorded the responses for the 2001 videos. For the most recent recordings, I wanted teachers to talk freely so I was not present during the filming. Unfortunately, I lost control of the quality. Still, for the purposes of citing these sources, you may give my name as the "interviewer." Please see the sample citation below.

I have added a brief description of the context of each educator's testimonial. Please read this background information before you view the videos. You will want to think about the context as well as the testimonial itself as you analyze these data. You will want to record keywords and phrases or even record actual quotes to include in A.1.4.

MLA Citation Example
"Kindergarten Teacher." Interview by Judi Moreillon. YouTube. N.p., 2001. Web. 02 Jan. 2016. <http://youtu.be/_YnGbQh832U>. (Sadly Wikispaces makes this link live when I ask it not to do so!)

Elementary Classroom Teachers and Students filmed at the Borchardt Elementary School Library, Frisco (TX) ISD (2013) (9 minutes, 37 seconds) This video showcases the power of collaboration between school librarian Nancy Jo Lambert and classroom teachers to affect student achievement by utilizing a flexible schedule.

Kindergarten Teacher: Peg's Testimonialfilmed by Judi Moreillon (2001) (24 seconds) Peg was a long-time kindergarten classroom teacher. We co-taught many lessons. In this clip, she talks about students' and her expectations for working in the library.

Third-Grade Teacher: Judy P's Testimonialfilmed by Judi Moreillon (2001) (1 minute, 10 seconds) At the time of this recording, Judy P. was a third-grade classroom teacher. She worked extensively with classroom-library collaboration in order to support her students' inquiry learning. Judy and I co-planned students' learning experiences. We co-taught from time to time, but for the most part, her students used the library to conduct small group investigations on topics related to third-grade standards.

Elementary Art Instructor: Tracy's Testimonial filmed by Judi Moreillon (2001) (1 minute, 2 seconds) Tracy is the art instructor at an elementary school. She works collaboratively with classroom teachers and the school librarian. These are examples of her art room-classroom-library collaborations: Picasso-Jazz-Poetry Unit and Vincent van Gogh Research-Sunflower PaintingsUnit.
Principal: Paula's Testimonial filmed by Judi Moreillon (2001) (1 minute, 1 second) Paula was completing her first year as an elementary principal at the time this video was recorded. While earning her principal certificate, her two youngest children attended a Library Power school with a well-developed model for classroom-library collaboration. She entered the principalship with expectations that classroom teachers and the teacher-librarian would engage in high-quality partnerships to impact student learning.
Principal: Paula's Testimonial filmed (2014) (1 minute, 42 seconds) Paula shared her understanding of the role of an elementary school librarian as a leader in instruction.

7th-Grade Language Arts Teacher: Mary Ann's Testimonial filmed in 2009 (3 minutes, 53 seconds) Mary Ann taught 7th-grade language arts at the time of this testimonial. She and I collaborated a few times during the school year, but our instructional partnership was strengthened during the 7th-grade interdisciplinary unit. To begin that unit, I gathered and organized historical fiction novels by time period and booktalked titles to individual or small groups of students as they made their selections. We continued to work together throughout the unit, which lasted from November through the end of February. Mary Ann's testimonial focuses on a week-long project we did at the end of the school year. Throughout the year, she had been sharing and discussing quotations with students. I focused my suggestion for this mini-unit on quotations as a way to connect that learning experience with identifying topics in picture book texts.
7th-Grade Social Studies Teacher: Pat's Testimonial filmed in 2009 (51 seconds) Pat teaches 7th-grade social studies. For the most part, she teaches the social studies curriculum through the textbook. Along with language arts teacher Mary Ann and me, she cotaught the classroom-library 7th-grade interdisciplinary unit, which included students building background knowledge by reading a historical fiction novel before using trade books to research an event from American history. Students used the 7th-Grade Inquiry Pathfinder for this project. The project Pat describes in her testimonial centered on students locating copyright-free, public domain photographs or other illustrations related to an event or topic from the Great Depression. They created visual PowerPoint presentations, which they projected, while orally sharing the information they had learned from the textbook and Web-based resources.
8th-Grade Language Arts Teacher: Karen's Testimonial filmed in 2009 (2 minutes, 23 seconds) Karen teaches 8th-grade at a junior high school. Although a veteran teacher, this was her first year at this particular school. In addition to booktalking and recommending resources for her class, I co-taught a number of lessons with Karen. Some of those lessons centered around giving small groups of students opportunities to read, write, share, give feedback, and reflect on their reading and writing. We involved the adult library aide and library student aides in facilitating small group work.
9th-Grade Language Arts Teacher: Jessica's Testimonial filmed in 2015 (2 minutes, 25 seconds) Jessica teaches 9th-grade pre-AP and felt that even though her students were on the pre-AP track, they weren't skilled library users. She wanted to do something that would immerse students in library skills and critical reading skills using YA and classic literature. Together, Jessica and her school librarian Kelly collaborated to create a year-long program to meet these students' needs (and they plan to continue their collaborative work in the next school year).

High School Art Teacher: Diane's Testimonial filmed by Judi Moreillon (2003) (41 seconds) At the time of this recording, Diane had taught ceramics at a comprehensive high school for a number of years. She had not worked with the library for instruction until the project she describes in her testimonial. The unit of study and student work Diane describes can be found in a published lesson plan Behind the Masks: Exploring Culture and Self with Art and Poetry on ReadWriteThink.org.
High School Student Teacher (in English): Kelly's Testimonial filmed in 2009 (1 minute, 23 seconds) Kelly was a student teacher in a high school English class at the time of this testimonial. She had the opportunity to observe me working with her mentor teacher's students. I approached her regarding the unit all student teachers are required to teach. As she describes, she and I collaborated from start to finish on every aspect of this project.
High School English Teacher: Sherri's Testimonial filmed in 2009 (1 minute, 51 seconds) At the time of this recording, Sherri was a high school English teacher; she had just earned her principal certificate. (She was also Kelly's mentor teacher.) An experienced teacher who had never before worked collaboratively with a teacher-librarian, Sherri charges preservice school librarians to take on a leadership role in instruction in their schools.

Principals Know: School Librarians Are the Heart of the School filmed in 2014 (5 minutes, 15 seconds ) - School librarians from across the country solicited testimonials from their administrators. This video was crowdsourced by Judi Moreilllon and Teresa Starrett and funded by a grant from the Texas Library Association and DEMCO.