Leadership Blogs

LS5443: Librarians As Instructional Partners is designed as a course in leadership through collaborative instructional partnerships. You have been asked to follow a "leadership" blog for this week of the course.

Fall 2015: We will not be following bloggers as an assignment in the course this semester. I do, however, encourage you to follow one or more bloggers whose post provide you with information and inspiration.

Option #1: Choose any one of these.

Collaborating, Communicating, Critical Thinking and Creating - Jan Iwase is a principal at Hale Kula Elementary School, Oahu, Hawaii.

Dangerously ! Irrelevant: Technology, Leadership, and the Future of Schools This blog is hosted by Scott McLeod, Associate Professor at the University of Kentucky, and founder of CASTLE.

Digital Literacy (in New Hampshire) - David Hobbs is a leading educator in his home state.

Dr. Cook's Blog - This New Jersey elementary principal is an outstanding leader in his school and district.

Great Leadership* This blog is hosted by Dan McCarthy who is the Director of Executive Development Programs (EDP) at the Whittemore School of Business and Economics.

Joel Pedersen - A "servnant" leader with many followers, Mr. Pederson is a leader's leader.

Leading Blog* This blog is hosted by LeadershipNow. " The purpose of Leadership Now is to help build a community of leaders by developing people at all levels of society."

Linked 2 Leadership* The "L2L Blogazine: The Leadership Collaboratory is a place where you can come to learn and grow in the areas of Leadership Development, Organizational Health, and Personal & Professional Growth." You can have this blog pushed to your mailbox.

Principal of Change - This blog is hosted by George Couros, Division Principal of Innovative Teaching and Learning with Parkland School Division, located in Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

SmartBlog on Leadership- This blog is facilitated by a group of people who say "we publish original content for several business verticals: executive leadership and management, social media marketing, education, food and beverage, and finance." Check out their education as well as leadership sections and their about page for information.

Option #2: If you want to focus in the area of leadership in building a culture of collaboration, you may also choose to follow our blog:

Building a Culture of Collaboration- Along with three school librarian educators from three different universities, I am co-blogging on the Building a Culture of Collaboration blog. The purpose of the blog is to "share research and musings, news and views, and prompt lively conversations regarding collaboration between school librarians, classroom teachers, specialists, school administrators, and others involved in improving 21st-century literacy learning for youth."