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Librarians as Instructional Partners

Spring 2016

This wiki is a resource for graduate students in the Master's degree program in the School of Library and Information Studies at Texas Woman's University, Denton, Texas. This wiki is editable by its members.

One aspect of serving as an effective classroom-library instructional partner is to be up-to-date with Web 2.0 and other technology tools in order to collaboratively develop instructional uses for these tools that support student learning and teaching curriculum.

Participants in all sections of this course are invited to add additional resource titles and links (with brief annotations), comments, and other materials that can improve this resource. Each page of this wiki has a discussion feature. You are welcome to post comments and questions to the discussion tab from that individual page.


This is the link to the LS5443: Librarians as Instructional Partners Course Modules (Summer)

The course modules wiki is only editable by our graduate assistant and me. This is one reason to have two wikis for this course. The other reason is to give you experience with the interfaces of two different wiki tools.